George Koeninger.


B. F. C. Consulting Group


You can Email me at george@bfcconsult.com

It has been my pleasure and my life’s work to have worked with some of the greatest entrepreneurs in the USA today. At the last count I had over 60 companies that I have worked or consulted for and with. I worked in the home furnishings industry before there was air operated tack guns, and have worked recently with a company that can ship and one of 1.5 million products excluding cover in 10 days from receipt of order. CNC Machines  and CAD designs are normal in most all manufacturing companies. Today many are also using advanced information systems such as Oracle to completely eliminate any paper printouts in production.


I have loved working in the Home Furnishing Industry. Where else can you manufacture a product with good people who are not highly educated, cover it with one of millions of available of designs of fabric or leather, ship it with in three weeks from receipt of order, and have the end user, normally a design astute female, place it in her family’s home and expect it to last 30 years.