Pictured is a very small sample of some of the challenges I have viewed.

I have added comments


The first thing I do when visiting a new plant is to pay a visit to the employee restroom. Normally I am advised to use the Executive restroom. However, I can tell within minutes how employees are regarded, the quality of the production, and the management ability of the production management.


I have experienced a fire in a plant and would not wish that experience on anyone. Today there is no excuse for a paper pattern to exist in a plant. It should be in a digital file with superior back-up protocol. If not possible, then make 2 of the same pattern and store one at home.


I just don’t tolerate waste well. First, there is no engineering talent used in this plant. There is excessive use of pull strip fabric. It doesn’t need to be this wide. Second there is a large amount of labor used in stapling the back on when sewing the back on would be much less costly. Too much wood used in the frame.


We assemble a product, then put it on the floor and push it out of the way. The next person goes and finds the assembly he needs. And, on it goes. Work must come to a person. Additional work is placed next in line to that person. When the assembly person has completed their work, it should be removed immediately. An assembly person should assemble — PERIOD!