These are a couple of old books I wrote sometime back. I believe they remain in print.


I wrote “The Consulting Project” primarily due to situations I had encountered where I was asked to assist in the sale of a small company managed by an entrepreneur for way too long. This person was nearing retirement. Work was all they knew and their spouse was an empty nester and wanted to enjoy their remaining years doing something except eating, breathing and having nightmares over the management of the business. It is a quick read but in need of making some changes readers have asked for. I hope to get back to this sometime soon.





I wrote “China’s War on the American Economy” in 2007 out of great frustration that we were moving jobs and money out of  The United States to a country that was going to use cheap labor as a weapon to attack and undermine the financial structure of the country they loved. North Carolina alone lost tens of thousands of jobs in one year as the jobs and products were moved to production in China. I have had many people recently ask why this was not known when it happened. I believe that a lot of politicians and Senior Corporate Managers got very wealthy while a huge amount of good solid hardworking US Citizens found themselves jobless through no fault of their own. Those manufacturing companies that stayed in the USA are now reaping the benefits as many of those who left are trying to find employees. The employees they had originally with all the skill are gone for good and have new jobs and skills rather then the hard work required to resurrect an old company with no technology to compete in today’s world.

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